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Join the world wide kitty-cat movement & economy with SharkCats leading the way.

The kitty-cat movement belongs to those who believe in People-powered-thriving, open-community ideas, & compassionate, transparent, real discussions, with the fun of business backed revenue models, games, edutainment, tutorials, & engaging, purposeful utilities for all ages based on the original CatCoin vibes, economy & community.

We believe in and defend the Original CatCoin BSC Contract Address:



Decentralized, Power to the People, Truly Community Owned Cats Projects.

What’s your Shark Cat personality?

Support & defend the projects behind the open-to-all-CatCoin community movement  by owning your own unique SharkCats NFT, and using the same to visit projects that defend, honor, and push forward the movement:

We are a world wide community of like-hearted enthusiastic humans, coming together to thrive, share, show compassion, and build a better world by supporting & defending projects built around the ideas of personal freedoms, less greed, healing the world (nature & humanity), and abundance available to us all – AKA (also known as) the Cats and CatCoin movement.

What’s your shark cat personality?



$0.64 USD per 1B Cats

PRICE (Jan 2023)



$ 110,821

LIQUIDITY (Jan 2023)

$ 700,530

MARKET CAP (Jan 2023)


HOLDERS (Jan 2023)


BURNED (Jan 2023)


Buying the original BSC CatCoin, “CATS” crypto coin is as easy as connecting your BSC Smart Chain enabled wallet to any of the following trusted platforms.

In the near future, you will be able to buy CATS with USD and GBP. If you need help on setting up a wallet and getting Smart Chain BNB into it, visit our Youtube channel for how to video tutorials.



Pancake Swap


Step 1


  • The OG CatCoin contract already launched on November 26th, 2021 – dev renounced and picked up & supported by @catcoin #catcoinarmy community enthusiasts world wide. Shark Cats was born to the defense of the building of the community and movement.
Step 2

Community Engagement

  • CatCoin OGs and kitty-cat enthusiasts around the world unite under the original, only real, belongs to nobody, community driven BSC contract & project, building utilities based on a kitty-cat economy.
step 3

Build Together

  • Build real, engaging, community-inspired utilities, media, edutainment, games, & more under the freedom of community inspired ideas, business minded approaches & greedless revenue models, to the benefit of the community, holders, & world.


This is the fun part, where we all can help. With the right attitudes, connections, and people, we will draw in partnerships who will not hesitate to promote CatCoin as per the powerful idealogies, community involvement, charities, business models, and people behind it.



Talented CatCoin OG Enthusiast

This you?

Join our discord, make a difference, promote & share in the freedom crypto can be, with the CatCoin economy.

This You?

Join our discord, make a difference, promote & share in the freedom crypto can be, with the CatCoin economy.

This You?

Join our discord, make a difference, promote & share in the freedom crypto can be, with the CatCoin economy.

This you?

Join our discord, make a difference, promote & share in the freedom crypto can be, with the CatCoin economy.

This You?

Join our discord, make a difference, promote & share in the freedom crypto can be, with the CatCoin economy.


Who controls or owns the CatCoin project?

CatCoin is not owned by anyone but thrives/thrived upon the idea of freedom without central control, community driven engagement, and down right cat/kitten adorableness with bite & zen-love. Community members are free to create & share unique content to better support the truly community owned, original, open source like BSC CatCoin project. 

Why are there so many CatCoin versions out there?

Althouth varying opinions exist on this topic, the original BSC CatCoin (which is the BSC contract this website links to) project is the community which inspired so many to come together to connect and thrive in crypto (innitial market cap to ~70 million). Since then, many attempts to control, migrate, rebuild, selfishly profit, and move the project to new communities have been put forth and frankly have failed. Although the members of this community support projects, ideas, communities, and models where transparency, compassion, healing earth, loving cats, helping humans & verifiable leadership exist, there are plenty of scams, and not so legit projects trying to capitalize, smear, and create FUD around the original BSC CatCoin project.

Is the CatCoin book on Amazon related to this project?

Mr Frank is an amazingly talented author and person, who wrote the book, “CatCoin, The Fictional History of a Cryptocurrency” and deserves the love of anyone wanting to read the fictional CatCoin series. Although he has stated he does not directly support any crypto project, nor is his book tied to any project, it is fascinating to have discovered his book after discovering this CatCoin world-wide community movement, as if his fictional book has something more or less non-fiction to it, hint dropping and potentially foreshadowing something amazing to come through this, the CatCoin movement ;D.

How do I participate in the CatCoin movement?

Nobody owns this movement, it belongs to the people & community, so we wholeheartedly invite you to share your talents and promote what inspires you within this movement.

The ideals behind the original BSC CatCoin contract and community, which this website promotes 100%, are based upon freely building engaging utilities, games, edutainment, & more – while sharing them openly, profiting from them together (key word together) with the goals of thriving, prospering one another, and promoting compassionate outreach across the globe through a CatCoin based economy.

SharkCats is trademarked and copyrighted 100%, but is simply an example of someone, building something to promote the CatCoin movement, with the open community ideal, and freely allowing the community to use the assets, so long as they do so, to the benefit of this project and it’s community alone.

If anyone uses any content created by SharkCats they agree to only promote this project’s contract address and community, and share in the profits 100% with the community, whether that’s via charity, merch, or otherwise.

Is there a marketing wallet for CatCoin?

The simple answer is no, but the complex answer is yes, inasmuch as members of the community build community trust by showing their passion, actual verifiable work, and 100% transparency of the same for this, the CatCoin community movement, and after you DYOR (do your own research), and IF you feel so inspired you can donate, support, buy, partake of, and get behind those trsuted community members who believe in the vision of this the CatCoin movement.

What specific things can I do to help?

CatCoin needs volunteers. If you have connections in any field, experience or expertise, use them to promote the CatCoin movement and this, the one and only original BSC CatCoin contract.

Who manages this website and project? Who is PURGE?

PURGE is the Orca Whale Cat of this project, as you can see in the TEAM photos above, he/she is a no-bull-s#@!, CatCoin OG, Shark Cat, who is unafraid to seek, defend, & state the truth related to anyone, any project trying to falsely & greedily benefit from or rightfully benefit CatCoin movement, community, & economy.

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