Mint your own


Get your own shark cat NFT minted and showcased in our content.

Mint your own (it’s free to submit a request) Shark Cat personality. Whether or not you chose to put it up as your profile image, minting a shark cat NFT and giving it a uniquely you personality (see form below) makes it eligible to be used in one of our animations, creative media drives, promos, or otherwise.


Must be short and sweet, not vulgar, pornographic, or hateful.
This will be used if your Shark Cat is used in an animation or short as well as in your minted description. One paragraph or sentance.
We will be making animations, media, content, and more, and will link to your NFT if used. You are giving us permission to use your NFT as we deem necessary to spread hype, create a persona/character off of your input, or otherwise.


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